Root Cause Analysis and Data Investigations


Misdiagnosis or missed faults can cost millions annually, many of which are recurring issues.

Learn what your data is telling you about your machine health through our Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and data investigation services.

Cognitive has delivered over £8.5M of value to our customers through data investigations so far.

We're focussed on providing solutions that help them become proactive, not just identify when things have gone wrong. I believe this is what sets us apart from other A.I. companies.

Ty Burridge-Oakland
Managing Director, Cognitive.Business

Identification made easy

You may already know that Machine Learning can be used to identify specific failures, faults, or triggers. Using a unique combination of machine learning, physical understanding, and our extensive experience in IIOT data patterns, we can help you to get to the source of your problems fast.

The key to generating value is taking action; work with us to enable solutions through your business, take action, and drive value.

Beyond Identification

Know the answer, but need help creating the solution? Or perhaps you want to create a productionised solution to a real problem?

We can create the entire solution for you or work within your existing resource and infrastructure to get the most from your data solutions.

If you have specific problems, we can help you uncover the solutions and find the right flexible, scalable, and robust methodologies that suit your enterprise.

The changes in plant operations will save us up to £100,000 each year

Customer Case Study

Find a faster, smarter, way to work with your data

Solutions specifically designed for you

  • Learn. Get to grips with your data with help from industry experts in ML and A.I.
  • Adapt. Specifically tailored to your business - real problems, real solutions, real value.
  • Scale. Innovation through core fundamentals that scale across your enterprise.
  • Create. Solutions that will change your business.

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