Deep Space™ provides deeper insight for your investigation

Applied machine learning for Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is critical for healthy O&M by assuring that problems can be corrected, eliminated, and prevented. However engineers frequently don't have the time, tools, or support to fully unearth the data patterns that drive a failure or defect.

We built Deep Space™ from the ground-up to make data-driven RCAs faster, more effective, and clearer to understand.


You don't need to be a data scientist to benefit from machine learning

Plug & Play machine learning for industry.

It used to be difficult and time consuming to identify the data pattern that lead to the failure or defect. Worse, the analysis needed to be repeated every time even where an issue had previously been recognised.

By applying machine learning, ultra-fast charting, and advanced pattern recognition - Deep Space™ simplifies the RCA process for engineers and analysts by automatically identifying unusual events in the data.


Cut through the noise

Clear, actionable, insights with turbo charged data

Why wait for data to load? Get instant-load time series and charting for effective plant O&M from the cloud. We understand that those few minutes spent waiting are minutes wasted. We know how quickly they add up.

With SpaceTimeDB™ and Discovery™ integration, Deep Space™ enables you to work through your issues faster than ever before. The result is insight, action, and value, without the wait.

Quickly understand the root cause of an issue and take action. Never miss important insights again.


Get all the benefits of the Discovery™ suite

Built from the ground-up to make your life easier. By engineers, for engineers.

Blazingly Fast Charting

Powered by our revolutionary SpaceTimeDB™, plot 10 years' worth of data as quickly as you can 1 day's worth.


Communication is key. Always know the who, what, and when with integrated Discovery™ logs and issue tracking.

Get more from your data

All data is readily exportable as static files or API to be used however you wish to maximise the value to your business.

Accuracy like no other system

Integration and insight all in one place. Online and always available. Across any internet-connected device.

Rapid implementation

All you need is an account, so you can start your analysis in minutes.

Security, made easy

Cognitive’s systems are designed to the highest and most stringent security standards. That's one less thing for you to worry about.

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