Wind AI™ for smarter wind performance

Don't just guess at the health of your assets. Know it.

Built from the ground up, Wind AI™ makes monitoring your wind site’s performance effortless.

Wind AI™ is lightning fast. Designed for use on-site, off-site, or in the office.

Why rely on offline LIDAR reports? Wind AI™ provides ultra-high resolution for turbine performance, in real-time. Priority alarms. Turbine performance insights. Scheduled maintenance orders. Bad-actor analysis. And more. Always accessible, all of the time.

Wind AI™ is fast, clear, and intelligent.


Know exactly when to take action

Cost-optimised performance.

Wind AI™ incorporates financial data into your workflow to better quantify the cost of degradation and help you take action. Identify which assets are under-performing, the root cause, and the cost for remedial work versus the lost availability.

Make the best decision possible, everytime.


Cut through the noise

Clear, actionable, alarms powered by A.I.

Wind AI™ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically model and monitor your plant. Enhancing a previously specialist and manual process, Wind AI™ finds hidden relationships between every turbine on a farm. The result is high-precision performance monitoring, without the requirement for new instrumentation.

Combined with advanced feature detection methods, Wind AI™ presents clear-English summaries for each alarm.

Quickly understand the RCA of an alarm and take action. Never miss important issues again.


A faster, smarter, way to monitor performance

Built from the ground-up to make your life easier. By engineers, for engineers.

Blazingly Fast Charting

Powered by our revolutionary F.T.L. framework, plot 10 year’s worth of data as quickly as a single day.


Communication is key. Always know the who, what, and when with integrated Discovery™ logs and issue tracking.

Get more from your data

All of Wind AI™ model data is readily exportable to be used however you wish to maximise the value to your business.

Accuracy like no other system

Detect degradation up to 3%, on par with LIDAR-based studies. On-line and always available.

Rapid implementation

Wind AI™ is as fast to implement as it is to use. So you can get on with the valuable, not the tedious.

Security, made easy

Cognitive’s systems are designed to the highest and most stringent security standards. That's one less thing for you to worry about.

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